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[platform-ui-dev] reminder about priority 2 bugs

Hi there,

We still have a number of bugs marked as priority P2 which ideally we should fix for 3.5. A link to the Platform UI bug overview is on the bug triage wiki page at: . The current count as of today is 26 bugs marked P2 -- are these bugs correctly classified? Can we fix them for 3.5, ideally for M7?

For reference, it is probably worth defining how we use the bug priorities. Here is my understanding, questions or comments are of course welcome:

P1 - Must-fix. We would hold up a release for this. Examples are crashes, or potential data loss.
P2 - Fix needed for upcoming release. We do our best to fix all P2 bugs for the upcoming release. Examples are regressions, major loss of function, or bugs that make us look stupid.
P3 - Needs fixing, but can be deferred. It is ok to ship a release without fixing all P3 bugs.
P4 - Lower priority, but we would help a contributor who is willing to work on a fix.
P5 - Lowest priority, unclear if this should be fixed in the way suggested, or if fixing the bug would improve the quality of the product. Examples are long-standing "bugs" clients now rely on being there, like

The bug overview report also shows bug severity (blocker/critical/major/normal/enhancement...) which is typically set by whoever entered the bug. We currently have one "blocker" and seven "critical" bugs - should they be marked as P1 or P2? What about the 196 bugs marked as "major"?

Can everyone on the team please have a look at the bug overview and for the bugs that they own or watch:
- check if the priorities make sense,
- check if there are bugs marked as blocker/critical/major that should be a higher priority?

Going through this should not take a lot of time, it's something like 30 bugs per committer. Next week, I will look at the report again and start asking questions on the bugs directly. ;-)


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