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[platform-ui-dev] I20090426-2000

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 40586. [Themes] [Preferences] Problems with PreferencePage.createNoteComposite (FIXED)
+ Bug 155008. [Contributions] Improve Javadoc for IActionBars.updateActionBars (FIXED)
+ Bug 189747. [Intro] org.eclipse.ui.intro Package Javadoc summary is copied (FIXED)
+ Bug 190838. [Presentation] Can't drag a non-instantiated view out of a minimized stack (FIXED)
+ Bug 194917. stack overflow error from working set management (FIXED)
+ Bug 196691. Inncorrect Class Name in Javadoc (FIXED)
+ Bug 202057. [RCP] [Workbench] NullPointerException if workbench.close() is called in preStartup of the WorkbenchAdvisor (FIXED)
+ Bug 211433. [KeyBindings] Changing key binding broken (ends up in wrong context) (FIXED)
+ Bug 212583. [WorkingSets] Changing name(or label) of WorkingSet breaks logic of TreeSet where WorkingSetManager stores WorkingSets. (FIXED)
+ Bug 219536. [Contributions] [Doc] update API docs re IMenuService.populateContributionManager doesn't populate child(nested) contribution items on form toolbar (FIXED)
+ Bug 222556. Write a performance suite for DecoratingStyledCellLabelProvider (FIXED)
+ Bug 223843. [RCP] Session tests to confirm Advisor threading (FIXED)
+ Bug 230449. [KeyBindings] NPE in KPP when deleting conflicting keybinding (FIXED)
+ Bug 237685. Progress Dialog does not display (REOPENED)
+ Bug 239518. [Contributions] Fix up TextActionHandler's handling of Delete to use Text.insert (FIXED)
+ Bug 241877. [Preferences] PreferencesUtil.createPreferenceDialogOn should place focus on the preference page (FIXED)
+ Bug 248943. [KeyBindings] [RCP] NullpointerException when entering text after the rcp is restarted (FIXED)
+ Bug 249851. [QuickAccess] Quick access doesn't open perspective if all perspectives are closed (FIXED)
+ Bug 255422. [Contributions] Toolbar painting issues when a command is contributed to the menu (FIXED)
+ Bug 255429. [Contributions] MenuManager's fill(Menu, int) method throws NPE on null text (FIXED)
+ Bug 255576. [Model] No longer able to create a WorkbenchLabelProvider in a non-UI thread. (FIXED)
+ Bug 257167. Shutdown takes too long (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 258177. [Decorators] DecorationScheduler calling wakeUp()/schedule() on decorationJob too often (FIXED)
+ Bug 258253. [Commands] [performance] Activate 30 text editor test is slower than 3.4 (NEW)
+ Bug 267834. [Perspectives] Customize Perspective dialog: Warning for invisible items needs polish (FIXED)
+ Bug 267934. [Perspectives] Space doesn't check/unckeck focused list item (FIXED)
+ Bug 267942. [About] Text layout is not ideal with some font combinations (NEW)
+ Bug 267952. Splash screen build # does not line up (FIXED)
+ Bug 268819. [WorkbenchLauncher] 'Workspaces' preference page's 'Remove' button should enable/disable itself more intelligently (FIXED)
+ Bug 269240. [Workbench] separator.gif used in Open Resource dialog is slightly garbled (FIXED)
+ Bug 269264. [Viewers] TableViewer.remove doesn't post selection change (FIXED)
+ Bug 270658. [Workbench] Workbench.loadImage(String) does not close FileInputStream (FIXED)
+ Bug 270952. [CommonNavigator] Eclipse RCP raises nullPointerException in makeSmallString for Project Explorer (FIXED)
+ Bug 272583. [Dialogs] OK button is in the wrong position if dialog explicitly calls layout() before initializeBounds() (FIXED)
+ Bug 272749. Make use of new SWT API: SWT.SHEET (FIXED)
+ Bug 272763. [CommonNavigator] Can't drag objects from Data Source Explorer (FIXED)
+ Bug 273066. [Contributions] [CPD] Customizing a perspective affects other perspecitve (FIXED)
+ Bug 273147. Report build problems as ERROR severity (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 273260. [JFace] Cleanup duplicated string in properties files (FIXED)
+ Bug 273330. [JFace] Add API to MessageDialog to enable clients to use SWT.SHEET (FIXED)
+ Bug 273583. [Markers] Most property tests in ui.ide expressions don't test element type (FIXED)
+ Bug 273667. [About] Installation Details dialog is not remembering size (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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