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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI status

- Finished the first e4 milestone, 0.9 M1!
- ICU4J has been upgraded to 4.0.1, the version that will ship with Eclipse SDK 3.5. With this upgrade, Eclipse now supports specifying nlExtensions, ex: eclipse -nl en_US -nlExtensions
"@collation=phonebook;calendar=islamic-civil;currency=USD". See for more information.
- Command framework: changes will be made to the source providers that supply variables like activeWorkbenchWindow, activePart, etc that drive the IEvaluationService (bug 226746).
- Would like to add textual labels to the welcome page (bugs 62023 and 249039)
- Upcoming changes to make the About dialog extensible (bug 246875)
- Resource Navigator end of life: we'll deprecate the API in 3.5 and move the code into a separate plugin in 3.6
- Common Navigator down to 80 issues (from 130 a few weeks ago)
- Common Navigator incompatibility discussion is still active (bug 252293)


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