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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20090209-2000

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 146906. [DataBinding] Type Contract Docs (FIXED)
+ Bug 150688. [CommonNavigator] Expose the ability for CommonDropAdapterAssistants to select feedback (FIXED)
+ Bug 159828. [CommonNavigator] Deleting projects of a large workspace  from Project Explorer is very slow compared to Package Explorer (DUPLICATE)
+ Bug 185569. [CommonNavigator] CommonDragAdapter should provide ways for CommonDragAdapterAssistant to perform clean up after drag has finished (FIXED)
+ Bug 190610. [CommonNavigator]Editable text widget in common navigator filter dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 190881. [DataBinding] Databindings class Observables overrides the synchonized methods in AbstractObservable (FIXED)
+ Bug 191918. [DND][CommonNavigator] No update after drag and drop of file to external target (FIXED)
+ Bug 194209. [CommonNavigator] ProblemsLabelDecorator does not scale well with Project Explorer (FIXED)
+ Bug 203154. [CommonNavigator] [Project Explorer] Description should not be editable (FIXED)
+ Bug 211003. [CommonNavigator] [Common Navigator] link with editor property is the same as title image (FIXED)
+ Bug 219930. [Dialogs] [Themes] FilteredItemsSelectionDialog too small after changing dialog font (FIXED)
+ Bug 223848. [CommonNavigator] Using ShowIn in the Project Explorer results in some blue files (FIXED)
+ Bug 224016. [DND][CommonNavigator] Drag to Project Explorer ignored after Drag from it (FIXED)
+ Bug 226292. [DataBinding] setRedraw(false) in viewer updaters during move/replace operations (FIXED)
+ Bug 231855. [CommonNavigator] CommonViewerSorter does not support isSorterProperty method of ViewerComparator (FIXED)
+ Bug 238157. [CommonNavigator]  CNF invoke CommonActionProvider.fillActionBars twice at startup (FIXED)
+ Bug 240574. [CommonNavigator] Closed projects have a + indication after IDE restart (FIXED)
+ Bug 242265. [CommonNavigator] [JFace] Common Navigator validateDrop needs DropTargetEvent (FIXED)
+ Bug 249876. [CommonNavigator] Make CNF tests tolerate non-pristine workspace (FIXED)
+ Bug 256934. [CommonNavigator] Clean up compile warnings (FIXED)
+ Bug 258017. [CommonNavigator] Project Explorer drop feedback gets stuck at "blocked" (FIXED)
+ Bug 261060. [common navigator] Java EE perspective drag drop src folder onto its own project deletes src folder (FIXED)
+ Bug 261865. [CommonNavigator] Drag from Project Explorer to Package Explorer gets "assertion failed" (FIXED)
+ Bug 262407. [DataBinding] Option to specify default values for DuplexingObservableValue instead of subclassing (FIXED)
+ Bug 263502. Open Resource dialog: 'Open' split button does not look good on Cocoa (FIXED)
+ Bug 263618. [CommonNavigator] Wrong DnD feedback when dragging Java src folder to Java project (DUPLICATE)
+ Bug 263691. [DataBinding] DecoratingVetoableValue (FIXED)
+ Bug 263693. [DataBinding] Remove dead / deprecated APIs (FIXED)
+ Bug 263709. [DataBinding] BindingProperties (FIXED)
+ Bug 263816. [DataBinding] NPE in ObservableSetContentProvider (FIXED)
+ Bug 263868. [DataBinding] Self-properties implementations for IValueProperty, IListProperty, ISetProperty, IMapProperty (FIXED)
+ Bug 263927. SWTEventHelper drag/drop broken (FIXED)
+ Bug 263953. [Workbench] Remove uses of the 'Workbench.getInstance()' (NEW)
+ Bug 263956. [Databinding] memory leak in internal ObservableCollectionContentProvider (FIXED)
+ Bug 263984. javadoc warning in N200902052000 for org.eclipse.ui.navigator (FIXED)
+ Bug 264014. [CommonNavigator] Test failures on osx/carbon/ppc  N20090205-2000 (FIXED)
+ Bug 264049. [CommonNavigator] Stop using deprecated Preferences store (FIXED)
+ Bug 264098. [IDE] Make org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources a friend of org.eclipse.ui.ide (FIXED)
+ Bug 264102. [CommonNavigator] CommonSorter should use ViewerComparator instead of ViewerSorter (FIXED)
+ Bug 264138. [CommonNavigator] View menu - initial focus should be on filter field, not tab (NEW)
+ Bug 264209. [Contributions] [CPD] New menu/tool item hiding perspectiveExtensions only supports one item (FIXED)
+ Bug 264216. [CommonNavigator] DnD within a single object always shows as allowed (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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