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[platform-ui-dev] undo support from the Navigator

Just a heads up that I've released the code to enable undo support from the Navigator.  
It will be available in today's nightly build and this week's integration build.

The navigator now provides the ability to undo project/folder/file creation, deletion, renaming, moving, copying.  For those operations involving file deletion (deletion, overwrites that occur during move/copy), the local history is used to recover the file contents.  The preference defaults for local history seem to work well with undo support - I haven't yet a hit a time when I needed undo and the history wasn't available.  But if you run with limited local history settings (minimal age, entry, space settings) you may have different results.

Note that the support was added to the actions and wizards implemented in the base platform and used by the Navigator.  Other views/perspectives (JDT) may not automatically support this behavior.  

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up to try it out.  If you have problems, please open a bug against Platform-UI with [Undo] in the bug title.


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