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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission: I20061024-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 23172. [Undo] Undo support in Navigator (FIXED)
+ Bug 94977. [Undo] - review/beef up all test cases (FIXED)
+ Bug 128233. need to investigate scalability of FilteredTree (NEW)
+ Bug 128386. CloseUnrelatedProjectsAction as API (FIXED)
+ Bug 156676. QuickAccess popup should include dirty indicator (FIXED)
+ Bug 156883. [Viewers] enhancements to ILazyTreeContentProvider (FIXED)
+ Bug 157980. 'AbstractSearchDialog': Confusing name (FIXED)
+ Bug 160505. [Viewers]TableLayout available for TreeViewer, ... (FIXED)
+ Bug 160536. [Workbench] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during workbench close if no workbench windows exist (DUPLICATE)
+ Bug 161114. [Presentations] Close all perspectives leaves empty editor area behind (FIXED)
+ Bug 161254. [IDE][WorkbenchLauncher] workspace MRU should be shown in the menu (FIXED)
+ Bug 161433. Quick access in dialogs broken (FIXED)
+ Bug 161464. reports null task name in beginTask (FIXED)
+ Bug 161482. [Metadata] Inaccurate extension point schemas with respect to min / max element occurrences (NEW)
+ Bug 161616. [Undo] - AdvancedValidationUserApprover should allow suppression of prompts during testing (FIXED)
+ Bug 161738. [Undo] - API - promote ability to quietly compute status to operations API (FIXED)
+ Bug 161786. [Undo] - operations with multiple, matching contexts not disposed properly (FIXED)
+ Bug 161790. [Undo] - CopyResourcesOperation should invalidate if source resources are gone (FIXED)
+ Bug 161799. [Undo] - consider more aggressively merging CopyFilesAndFoldersOperation into the undoable operation (NEW)
+ Bug 161828. [Undo] - second undo on folder move/copy merge restores old snapshot (FIXED)
+ Bug 161894. [Undo] Warning in N20061022-0010 (FIXED)
+ Bug 161897. [Undo] Javadoc warnings in N20061022-0010 (FIXED)
+ Bug 161983. Add functionality to Quick Access to remember selection for entered text value (FIXED)
+ Bug 162033. [Viewers] test failure in VirtualLazyTreeViewerTest.testSetInput (NEW)

The following projects have changed:

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