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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI Fixes for RC6

The Platform UI team expects to commit the following changes into RC6:

Code Changes:

139814 - Exceptions after closing window with the Data Source Explorer view open
142498 - [WorkingSets] TVT3.2:TCT539: DA: Working Window Set in English
142744 - [FieldAssist] NPE in DecoratedField.updateControlAttachments(...)

Doc only changes:

92564 - [Viewers] (doc only) incorrect use of html in javadoc of BackgroundContentProvider
142824 - Workbench Reference doc changes
143446 - Update org.eclipse.ui.menus exsd doc
143495 - Missing entries in the 'API Reference' & 'Extension Point API' docs

If anyone on the team knows of (or suspects) that they will have any other fixes for RC6 get in touch with me


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