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Re: [platform-ui-dev] "opening up" PropertySheetViewer

Thanks for the feedback Tod, Boris and Paul (while this wasn't exactely the answer I was hoping for, it makes sense there must be a cutoff point).
In general I find that the use of private classes and methods, and lately plugin classloaders to limit class visibility, sometimes makes it *very* difficult to reuse code, and the process of getting the necessary extension points added is naturally very slow. The reason why the extension points are not there in the first place is often because there is not a huge request for them, while that of course doesn't mean that nobody needs it.
I wish private classes and methods would be marked with some kind of "override at your own risk" meta-attribute/comment instead, as that would prevent the kind of massive cloning of platform classes I'm sometimes forced to perform (and to me this is a bigger maintanance problem than needing to port some code after the occasional change to some 'internal' class I'm reusing)

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