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[platform-ui-dev] Workbench BIDI support flips everything?

When we conduct our globalization testing for BIDI support, we usually set the system locale to a BIDI language speaking country (e.g. Hebrew in Israel) in "Regional and Language Options" if not on a native platform. Starting eclipse this way doesn't  seem to make the workbench right-to-left.  However, in TPTP, we have a Test Log Viewer editor that contains a graphical pie chart. The pie chart is displayed correctly in this case (note the legend used to be on the right hand side of the pie in a English locale, as well as inside the legend, icons used to be at the left side of the text pass, fail...):

However, if I use "-dir rtl" or "-nl he" with eclipse.exe, the workbench started with all UI parts flipped including the pie chart which is no longer readable:

Which one is the correct case with BIDI language like Hebrew?  Does eclipse.exe has to be started with -dir or -nl options on a BIDI system?  If so, should all the graphics be flipped at all?

Your help on this will be very appreciated.

Bianca Xue Jiang
ASQ Testing Product UI Development
IBM SWG Rational Software
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