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Re: [platform-ui-dev] requestion plugin cleanup

> In JFace it wanted to make this package internal:
> org.eclipse.jface.internal.provisional.action
> in org.eclipse.ui.workbench it wanted to make these 2 internal:
> org.eclipse.ui.internal.provisional.application,
> org.eclipse.ui.internal.provisional.presentations,
> Based on the list discussion, what was the final verdict on internal
> vs provisional :-)
> Should I just make sure these 3 packages aren't marked as internal?

JohnA is going to send a mail to eclipse-dev with the final verdict.

Basically, everything under .internal is not API, and the API contract
(guaranteed binary upwards compatibility) does not apply. For Platform UI,
the convention we've been using is .internal.provisional for those
packages that might become API in the future, but there are no promises.

I'm all for marking the above mentioned packages as x-internal, or
as x-friends if needed to avoid compile errors in our plug-ins.  This
would make it clear to clients that the usual API contract does not
apply. Using x-friends is like having a private contract between, say,
JFace and Workbench. In general, we should try to avoid these special
contracts and play by the API rules, but sometimes the exception proves
the rule ;-).

> Unless there are objections, I'm going to go ahead with 1, 2, and 3
> this afternoon.
> I'll give a run of #4 tomorrow.

No objections from me.


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