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[platform-ui-dev] requestion plugin cleanup

Hey-o Folks,

I didn't include the test plugins, and the jface.databinding and ui.navigator stuff (I don't have permissions to change those projects).

Using the PDE tools to clean up our SDK plugins will give us the following:

1) externalize strings in the plugin ... all of our plugins are clean

2) organize manifests
- adds and removes require plugins
- adds some extra packages with x-internal:=true
- adds $nl$/ in front of our plugin icons

In JFace it wanted to make this package internal:
in org.eclipse.ui.workbench it wanted to make these 2 internal:

Based on the list discussion, what was the final verdict on internal
vs provisional :-)

Should I just make sure these 3 packages aren't marked as internal?

3) source externalize strings - this never returns anything for our
plugins, since we have it set to error

4) source clean up - I think this is worth running, along with source
organize imports
- use correct declaring class for static members and fields
- use blocks in if/while/for statements
- remove unused imports
- remove unused private members
- remove unnecessary casts
- remove unnecessary NON-NLS tags

for example, in org.eclipse.ui.workbench this will change about 38
source files (our compiler settings already catch a lot of these as

Unless there are objections, I'm going to go ahead with 1, 2, and 3
this afternoon.

I'll give a run of #4 tomorrow.

Paul Webster
But I neeeeed tacos! I need them or I will explode!
That happens to me sometimes! - GIR

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