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Re: [platform-ui-dev] requestion plugin cleanup

On Thursday February 23 2006 11:26 am, Boris Bokowski wrote:
> Basically, everything under .internal is not API, and the API contract
> (guaranteed binary upwards compatibility) does not apply. For Platform UI,
> the convention we've been using is .internal.provisional for those
> packages that might become API in the future, but there are no promises.
> I'm all for marking the above mentioned packages as x-internal, or
> as x-friends if needed to avoid compile errors in our plug-ins.  This
> would make it clear to clients that the usual API contract does not
> apply. Using x-friends is like having a private contract between, say,
> JFace and Workbench. In general, we should try to avoid these special
> contracts and play by the API rules, but sometimes the exception proves
> the rule ;-).

As a note, for the commands contributions work, I moved all provision API into 
"internal" (not "internal.provisional") and marked the packages as 

I agree with Boris that they should be marked internal, so people will get the 
warning that using it is "discouraged".


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