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RE: [platform-ui-dev] RFC: Key Bindings Proposal (end date = Dec 14, 2001)

There are two scenarios for which it is unclear to me to which degree they
are covered by the proposal:

1) The workbench defines a framework for implementing custom text editors.
One of the key classes is AbstractTextEditor. AbstractTextEditor together
with the underlying StyledText widget defines a set of standard editor
actions such as for navigation. Presumably, the workbench will define a key
mapping set covering all of these standard actions. A custom editor
extending  AbstractTextEditor might introduce new actions. Thus, an
additional key mapping set is defined covering the newly defined  actions.
What happens if the two key mapping sets are not disjoint? Are those two
key mapping sets conceptually merged together or chained defining an
accelerator search path?

2) Built on scenario 1, assuming there are two plug-ins both with custom
editors and additional key mapping sets. What happens if the two plug-ins
define an accelerator for the same action id and do not restrict the
accelerator's scope to a particular editor. Which accelerator is eventually
used in each of the custom editors? In addition, lets assume that both
plug-ins redefine the accelerator for the save action id. How does it
affect the default text editor? Which accelerator  is used in the default
text editor?


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