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[platform-ui-dev] VOTE: Low Color Proposal (end date = 11/27)

I'm in favor of the Low Color proposal.

However, I believe the argument that SWT will degrade high-color images on
256-color displays is a false one.  If the SWT System palette has 40
entries (someone mentioned that the workbench reserves around this many
colors), and I load an Image that has another 200 colors in it, the SWT
system palette will not change, it will still have just 40 entries.  So,
that Image will degrade to some unknown number of colors, not necessarily

Similarly, if I paint a gradient of Colors onto an Image much like the
ViewForm does in Eclipse, I must hold onto those Colors .  If I dispose
them, the gradient Image is no longer valid because the blues used to paint
the gradient may get bumped out by come other colors.

This can be solved with a Color Cube.  SWT may have decided against the
Color-cube, but Eclipse can still define one.  This may be the right
decision both for SWT and Eclipse.  This way, you can be sure that if you
load a high-color image it will degrade to a meaningful set of 256 colors,
not 40 colors.

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