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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Window menu

I think that Window -> Preferences should be changed so that it is like the
following applications:
1) Websphere Homepage Builder 3.5
2) Corel Office Suite
3) Star Office Suite
4) Microsoft Office Suite
5) Microsoft Visual Studio
6) Internet Explorer

All of these applications have a Tools menu, under which "Options" can be
found.  Some of the Perspective actions probably belong here too.

Additionally, as the user, I should be able to rename the label,
[accelerator], and mnemonic used for both "Tools" and "Options", as well as
any other menu or action on the workbench menu bar.  This is a much needed
feature.  For more than a year I have been doing this manually in Leapfrog
by disecting its jars and manually changing the .properties and .xml files.
I've only upgraded Leapfrog twice, so I did this a total of 3 times.  But
it was a pain each time since I didn't know of the newer build was
compatible with the older message files.

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