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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Window menu

1 to 3b look fine.

I am not sure of #4. I understand this is to make preferences dialog sticky.

This would be more your proposal then mine.
I like it but don't want to take credit for it.

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To summarize I believe you are proposing the following. Please advise if
there is any other details I missed. 
I would also like to hear what issues other folks may see with this (but
didn't want to confuse things by adding my comments/concerns). 

1)        Add Configure pulldown menu 

2a)        Move Window > Preferences  to   Configure > Preferences 
2b)        Move Perspective > Customize   to    Configure > Perspective 

3a)        Configure menu would allow global preference settings to be added
to it. 
        These settings woudl also be in the preferences dialog (available
        Configure > Preferences) . 

3b)        Configure menu would allow perspective centric settings to be
added to it. 
        For example Configure > Java   which would open the preference
        (same as Configure > Preferences) except it would select the java

4)        The preferences dialog should go to the previous page (i.e.
favorite) when it 
        opens, and if needed start the plugin for that page. 

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