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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Window menu

I agree that there is no reason to put Preferences in the Window menu.
However, I do not think it is appropriate to create a new menu called

- the current menu pulldowns seem object centric.  File contains file
actions.  Edit contains editor actions.  Perspective modifies the
perspective.  Project, which should really be labelled Workbench, contains
objects which act on the data as a whole, and Window is for window
navigation operations.  This approach seems fairly straight forward.
- 'Configure' is a verb, and an ambiguous one at that.  Just exactly what
am I configuring?  We could potentially put all of the perspective menu in
there, as these items configure the active perspective.

I also don't think we need a Configure > Java menu item.  We already have a
single menu item to get to ALL of the preferences.  If we add an item for
java, soon we'll have an item for the web tooling, then ant, then c++, and
then menu will be filled with items which just open the preferences dialog.
This sounds like weak justification for the configure menu.

I would prefer to push the object centricity of the menus further.  If I
open the Preferences dialog, I can see pages for every major plugin in the
workbench.  Perhaps the action would be better placed in the Workbench
menu.   This may not be perfectly consistent with the other actions in the
same menu, but I think the user will learn that the Workbench menu is the
place you go for workbench wide searching, changes, actions, etc.


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1 to 3b look fine.

I am not sure of #4. I understand this is to make preferences dialog

This would be more your proposal then mine.
I like it but don't want to take credit for it.

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To summarize I believe you are proposing the following. Please advise if
there is any other details I missed.
I would also like to hear what issues other folks may see with this (but
didn't want to confuse things by adding my comments/concerns).

1)        Add Configure pulldown menu

2a)        Move Window > Preferences  to   Configure > Preferences
2b)        Move Perspective > Customize   to    Configure > Perspective

3a)        Configure menu would allow global preference settings to be
to it.
        These settings woudl also be in the preferences dialog (available
        Configure > Preferences) .

3b)        Configure menu would allow perspective centric settings to be
added to it.
        For example Configure > Java   which would open the preference
        (same as Configure > Preferences) except it would select the java

4)        The preferences dialog should go to the previous page (i.e.
favorite) when it
        opens, and if needed start the plugin for that page.
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