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Re: [platform-dev] [pde-dev] PDE and GitHub

Of course making everyone efficient is an important goal!   I think it's also an important goal to preserve historical information, especially around discussions with respect to design decisions.  From that point of view,  I wonder, does each PR-only commit really have a link back to the PR?

I look at this commit and I see no such link(s):

I don't see such a link from here either.:

Contrast that to this commit which has links:

And from here one can navigate those links:

So it seems to me that yes a PR is much like an Issue, but without links to one or both in the commit itself, it's just a commit and one cannot find out any historical information discussions and design decisions that were made relative to that commit.  I expect that information is useful and has gone missing.  Or did I overlook something that such links at least to the PR are implicitly navigable somewhere?

On 15.07.2022 12:53, Mickael Istria wrote:
Hi Vikas,

Like Lars, I'm also unsure adding more tickets and bureaucracy as a requirement will help the committers in being more efficient.
Can you please explain the current problems that you or others face with tracking in the current state? Maybe we can find some tricks (eg GitHub queries) to satisfy you needs without requiring an issue for every PR if the contributor didn't reporting an issue a-priori was useful.


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