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[platform-dev] Gerrit settings

I noticed today that Gerrit adds new footers into commit messages,

  Tested-by: Platform Bot <platform-bot@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  Reviewed-by: Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx>

Can we please switch that off? This means that the commit submitted is
not my commit, even if my commit is based on origin/master and the
submit would be a simple fast-forward. After submit origin/master and my
local master will be on different commits. This is rather annoying if I
have additional commits (not yet pushed): I now have to rebase where
previously that was not necessary.

Besides, the usefulness of these footers is questionable:

Reviewed-on: the URL is not guaranteed to be stable. Gerrit has in the
past changed its path routes several times, which broke old links. The
commit already has a Change-Id: footer; with the Gerrit change-ID, the
review can be found always.

Tested-by: come on. We all know that our commits go through CI. Besides,
Gerrit has refs/notes for this.

Reviewed-by: Gerrit has refs/notes for that.



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