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Re: [platform-dev] Source Tarball Eclipse 4.17.0

Hi Kirill,


The build script is referring to 4.17-I-builds repository, which was removed after 4.17 release. The tar ball was created during the build process when I-builds repository existed. To fix this please update eclipse-platform-parent/pom.xml. Replace 4.17-I-builds with 4.17. That should fix the problem.





From: Kirill Kotovich <kirillkotovich1@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 11 June 2021 16:18
To: Eclipse platform general developers list. <platform-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] [platform-dev] Source Tarball Eclipse 4.17.0



I tried to build the Eclipse SDK from source by downloading the tarball from this page:

I opened the unpacked tarball in the Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers. Build result:

[INFO] Downloading from :
[INFO] Downloading from :
[INFO] Downloading from :
[INFO] Downloading from :
[INFO] Downloading from :
[INFO] Downloaded from : (242 kB at 1.9 MB/s)
[INFO] Computing target platform for MavenProject: org.eclipse.jdt:org.eclipse.jdt:3.18.500-SNAPSHOT @ /home/main/eclipse-platform-sources-I20200902-1800/eclipse.jdt/org.eclipse.jdt/pom.xml
[INFO] Performing subquery
[INFO] Adding repository
[ERROR] Internal error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to load p2 repository with ID 'eclipse' from location No repository found at -> [Help 1]
org.apache.maven.InternalErrorException: Internal error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to load p2 repository with ID 'eclipse' from location
    at org.apache.maven.DefaultMaven.execute(
    at org.apache.maven.cli.MavenCli.execute(
    at org.apache.maven.cli.MavenCli.doMain(
    at org.apache.maven.cli.MavenCli.main(
    at java.base/jdk.internal.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at java.base/jdk.internal.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at java.base/jdk.internal.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at java.base/java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.launchEnhanced(
    at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.launch(
    at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.mainWithExitCode(
    at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.main(
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to load p2 repository with ID 'eclipse' from location
    at org.eclipse.tycho.p2.manager.ReactorRepositoryManagerImpl.computePreliminaryTargetPlatform(
    at org.eclipse.tycho.p2.resolver.P2DependencyResolver.computePreliminaryTargetPlatform(
    at org.eclipse.tycho.core.resolver.DefaultTychoResolver.resolveProject(
    at org.eclipse.tycho.core.maven.TychoMavenLifecycleParticipant.afterProjectsRead(
    at org.apache.maven.DefaultMaven.doExecute(
    at org.apache.maven.DefaultMaven.doExecute(
    at org.apache.maven.DefaultMaven.execute(
    ... 11 more
Caused by: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.core.ProvisionException: No repository found at
    at org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.repository.helpers.AbstractRepositoryManager.loadRepository(
    at org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.metadata.repository.MetadataRepositoryManager.loadRepository(
    at org.eclipse.tycho.p2.remote.RemoteMetadataRepositoryManager.loadRepository(
    at org.eclipse.tycho.p2.remote.RemoteMetadataRepositoryManager.loadRepository(
    ... 22 more
[ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with the -e switch.
[ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
[ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions, please read the following articles:
[ERROR] [Help 1]

Please tell me what am I doing wrong?

The pictures show the run configuration of the project:

Building via terminal gives a similar answer. The downloaded version of the SDK also does not affect the result.


With gratitude,


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