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[platform-dev] How do I track Eclipse Project Plan changes

Hi folks,

As part of my release planning for EPP I looked at Java 16 support earlier in the dev cycle. As of now JustJ has not made a Java 16 release available - there is a milestone[1].

As part of that conversation I consulted the 4.20 project plan[2] (around M2 date) and Java 16 was not part of the target environment.

Last week, Java 16 was added (and Java 15 was removed).[3]  The git commit message does not reference a bug, nor contain any information about the change (the commit message is just about aarch64 change).

Going forward I have a question - how do I track changes in the Eclipse Project Plan? Do I subscribe to gerrit notifications? Is there a better source of truth? I suppose I should have known that 4.20 was going to have Java 16 at target environment, but now a couple of days before EPP M3 I am considering changing to Java 16 and I am not sure what to do.

Any thoughts?

BTW I think releasing the IDE bundled with the latest Java instead of LTS Java is a mistake that I will take up with the Eclipse IDE WG and the Eclipse Planning Council. With the current plan we are shipping EOL Java versions with Eclipse IDE as alternating IDE releases are lined up to the Java release EOL date (really they are lined up to the new Java releases, but that date is the same for non-LTS).



Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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