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Re: [justj-dev] JustJ for Java 16


So far I've only produce a milestone for Java 16:

I have not tested it with the installer nor have I tested creating any installations with it yet.  I seem to recall hearing that some of the 2021-03 EPP packages didn't work with Java 16 because of some removals, so that made me concerned about making it available as a choice in the installer because choosing that and the most recent release might not work.  And of course all the existing mechanisms around BREEs and such assume that only a lower bound needs to be specified so nowhere is there information that would specify "don't use Java 16 for Eclipse version 4.19 and lower or for EPP Packages 2021-03 or lower"...

As for releases in the PMI, in the end JustJ is kind of more like Orbit.   The JustJ project's infrastructure generates everything from the URLs of the JDKs, so it not actually maintaining JREs.   I'm not sure it makes so sense to produce a release record for each time a new 15.0.2, 16.0.1, 16.0.2, 17.0.0, and so on JDK becomes available...

If you think the packages should work with Java 16 with the upcoming milestone, I can test to see if that seems to work...


On 05.05.2021 21:32, Jonah Graham wrote:
Hi folks,

On my EPP release checklist[1] is updating Java version from JustJ. At the moment we have Java 15 packaged with EPP. I can see that there is a download of Java 16 on the download site[2]

Has this been "released" - i.e. should EPP now be consuming that instead of Java 15? The PMI does not have an entry[3] for Java 16 yet, so I assume it is not ready until I hear otherwise.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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