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[platform-dev] Preparing SWT native code for building from a shell?

Hi Platform developers,

I'm picking up an old project of mine again, building the Eclipse Platform for the Raspberry Pi[1].

The new Raspberry Pi 4 should be able to cope with the Eclipse IDE much better than the previous versions, although I'm mostly interested in using PiPlug as one can see in the screenshot[2] in a home automation project.

I wanted to write a script that did most of the job and came over an issue. In order to build the SWT binaries I first have to import the "eclipse.platform.swt" project into eclipse, rename the ".classpath_gtk" file then do a build in order to prepare the code into the "bin" folder. So I am wondering whether you are aware of a way of doing this step without having to start Eclipse and invoke a build. I would prefer to be able to do everything from a bash script, including copying the files to an actual Raspberry Pi and do the compilation there.

I've looked at the "SWT Classpath Builder.launch" code, but I see no way of running that outside of Eclipse. Also replicating what these Ant scripts does, may be a bit of a hassle.

Best regards,
Torkild U. Resheim


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