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Re: [platform-dev] Preparing SWT native code for building from a shell?

On 7/7/19 7:25 PM, Torkild U. Resheim wrote:
Hi Platform developers,

I'm picking up an old project of mine again, building the Eclipse Platform for the Raspberry Pi[1].

The new Raspberry Pi 4 should be able to cope with the Eclipse IDE much better than the previous versions, although I'm mostly interested in using PiPlug as one can see in the screenshot[2] in a home automation project.

I wanted to write a script that did most of the job and came over an issue. In order to build the SWT binaries I first have to import the "eclipse.platform.swt" project into eclipse, rename the ".classpath_gtk" file then do a build in order to prepare the code into the "bin" folder. So I am wondering whether you are aware of a way of doing this step without having to start Eclipse and invoke a build. I would prefer to be able to do everything from a bash script, including copying the files to an actual Raspberry Pi and do the compilation there.

I've looked at the "SWT Classpath Builder.launch" code, but I see no way of running that outside of Eclipse. Also replicating what these Ant scripts does, may be a bit of a hassle.

Best regards,
Torkild U. Resheim
Sadly I don't have an answer for you -- a colleague of mine looked into it awhile ago and wasn't able to find an answer. If you do find out, please post to the list as it would greatly improve my workflow as well!


Eric Williams
Software Engineer - Eclipse/SWT Team
Red Hat

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