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[pdt-dev] Ambitious composer plans

Hey guys,

I write a blog post about the composer plans [1] that Robert and me discovered when we initially created the plugin and also talks about merging this into PDT. So, despite having the idea of merging composer into PDT, it is much more interessting to get the original idea of the composer plugin. Especially since it has a lot potential for PDT.

I unfortunately had to cancel the GSOC project even before it was submitted. Yet next summer still may be an opportunity for this (depending on how fast I finish).

Nevertheless, merging composer into PDT is a huge effort and there are a lot of challenges ahead (which I address in my post). It is also way more than just refactoring the appropriate package names. I assume the workload for one person to be 3 month (likely higher).

This thread should be used to think about the options we have, what needs to be prepared (and how) and probably create a strategy merging this.

[1] http://gos.si/blog/pdt-and-composer-a-visionary-concept