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[pdt-dev] Post PDT 3.6 plans


new release itâs close to door so I have to ask for your plans.

From my point of view, next version should be at least minor release (3.7).  My personal minimum plan:
* I want continue performance and consistency optimisation in TI and CA - for ex. bug 475525 [1] bug 438087 [2] bug 459947 [3]
* Merge Include and Build paths views - bug 444226 [4]
* Introduce extendable âsave-actionsâ - bug 462135 [5]
* Introduce PDT Help SDK to simplify help updates (like move / rename refactoring)

BTW: This release will be latest with long (6 months) cycle. Since Neon, three rather than two sub-releases will be published.

Dawid PakuÅa
+48 795 996 064