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Re: [pdt-dev] Two AST models and parsers

Hi Marek,

At this moment both are required and it probably will not change for a long time

DOM AST is a more complete and can be modified in runtime, unlike to compiler AST.

I suggest you use a DOM AST together with ASTRewriter (very nice class ported from JDT).
ASTRewriter use formatter internally and your SourceModules will be always formatted properly (in theory). 

I thought about it for class/interface and getter/setter generator for PDT-Eg Core Plugin.

How to use ASTRewrite you can check here: https://github.com/pdt-eg/Core-Plugin/blob/master/org.pdtextensions.core.ui/src/org/pdtextensions/core/ui/contentassist/AssignToLocalCompletionProposal.java

Dawid PakuÅa 
+48 795 996 064

From: Marek Maksimczyk Marek Maksimczyk
Reply: PDT Developers pdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 20 grudnia 2013 at 19:42:06
To: PDT Developers pdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:  Re: [pdt-dev] Two AST models and parsers
On 15.11.2013 23:26, Dawid PakuÅa wrote:
> One of JDT AST models contains also logic for FlowAnalysis.
> At first look PDT ASTs works like in JDT, butâ Older (JDT like) AST contains binding resolver, which using compiler AST and
> sometimes whole DLTK TI framework.
> Older AST (JDT like) is mostly used directly in UI with many utils, functions and widget ported from JDT (many of them still
> contains java/jdt keyword in comments and strings). And as I see, it is always created while using editor. He has ability to
> record his changes.
> Second AST (compiler subnamespace) its created for DLTK integration, but it also used in outline, syntax coloring etcâ This
> AST is cashed by DLTK
> In summary, it looks like an unfinished migration to DLTK. I do not see the terms of use of these models.
> Maybe will be possible to transform from one to another (by special visitor), instead of duplicating parsers.
> Dawid

Anyone can tell me, which AST should be use and will be developed in future? I would like to refactor class/interface wizard
(creating code based on AST models).

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