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[pdt-dev] Building PDT


First things first: is this list active or is there a better tool for asking how to build PDT ?

The actual problem:

I've been given the task to update an eclipse plugin for work. This consists mainly of a small patchset against an old version of PDT (its not even a patchset, just hacked in an compiled - deployed)

I tried:

1 cloning PDT master, importing the projects
2 fetching all deps (DTLK, equinox, xsd, apache ant,...) I came across
3 figure out how to work with eclipse
4 even installed a so called delta-package
5 workarounded (rm *.RSA) a 2-time jarsign bug in eclipse 4.3.1 which happend on org.apache.ant

and now have:
an eclipse workspace where I have 50 or so plugins which I then can export via Product export "phpide"

and I am wondering - isn't there an easier way to git clone the 3 or so subprojects of PDT I actually need and
then somehow compile them in a fashion where I can put them into, say dropins.
It would be best if one could use the standard PDT eclipse and dropin the 3 custom jars to get the custom functionality. Or something equally easy.

Thx Patrik