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Re: [pdt-dev] Two AST models and parsers

On 15.11.2013 23:26, Dawid PakuÅa wrote:
One of JDT AST models contains also logic for FlowAnalysis.

At first look PDT ASTs works like in JDT, butâ Older (JDT like) AST contains binding resolver, which using compiler AST and
sometimes whole DLTK TI framework.
Older AST (JDT like) is mostly used directly in UI with many utils, functions and widget ported from JDT (many of them still
contains java/jdt keyword in comments and strings). And as I see, it is always created while using editor. He has ability to
record his changes.
Second AST (compiler subnamespace) its created for DLTK integration, but it also used in outline, syntax coloring etcâ This
AST is cashed by DLTK

In summary, it looks like an unfinished migration to DLTK. I do not see the terms of use of these models.

Maybe will be possible to transform from one to another (by special visitor), instead of duplicating parsers.


Anyone can tell me, which AST should be use and will be developed in future? I would like to refactor class/interface wizard (creating code based on AST models).