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Re: [pdt-dev] Question regarding GSoC

thanks for updates. it makes a lot of sense.
Re two services - let's focus on client-side service for start.
Maybe I was unclear earlier. When talking about 'standalone service' and 'orion-integration' I was thinking all time about client side.
The standalone service could be just as much as plain html form + js code to easily test the highighting. The orion integration could be the same js code + orion bits.
If you're more into having two implementations - server-side and client-side, then ok, but imho having just one client-side is fair enough.
Ace could be good for start. But if you find that it's too difficult to use, or if Orion has some simple mechanism let me know.

I've been talking with Roy about incubator and we found that for start a better place would be eclipse labs, or github. 
Please pick which one you prefer. 

As soon as you start looking into Orion, please open discussion on orion-dev about how to design such contributions that we want. We need
active collaboration with orion to succeed.

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Hi Jacek,

I've just updated my proposal (only the wiki version for now) to
incorporate your suggestions [1]. Please take a look.

I think it'd be nice to integrate two implementations of syntax
highlighting - one server-side (the service), and one totally
client-side. From the perspective of Orion, they would be
interchangeable and accessible under exactly same interface. It'd be
also a proof of "switchability" of layer 1 you described. This would
also eliminate the requirement to embed the first solution with Orion
(which could be problematic) - in case it'd be too slow the user can
switch to latter, "standard" solution.

For server-side, I think about using GeSHi [2] (it's GPL too, but I
wouldn't embed it with Orion at all). For client-side, Ace [3] (is MPL
compatibile with EPL?).

Then I plan to work on syntax validation as you said - would it be
useful to make it as a service too?

The last part is code autocompletion (a little bit simpler than in
previous version of the proposal).

Please let me know what you think.

> We need some umbrella bug like "PHP support for Orion", it could live in PDT.Incubator or Orion, I'm not sure yet what's better.

OK. I'd go for PDT.Incubator, but this work seems to be a little bit
Out of Scope, isn't it?

[1] - http://wiki.eclipse.org/User:Karol.gusak.eu/GSoC_Proposal_Orion_Web_IDE_PHP_Editor
[2] - http://qbnz.com/highlighter/index.php
[3] - http://ace.ajax.org/

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