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Re: [pdt-dev] Question regarding GSoC

hi Roy,

I believe that your scenarios are on Orion devs heads. They must provide some sort of synchronization between dev and production environment, so we don't need to care about this.
btw. I think they're working on some sort of FTP support for coming milestone.
What I like about Karol proposal is that it introduces a lot of very cool stuff to get people interested, so they'll start requesting more features :-)

can you start evolving your proposal on wiki.eclipse.org?
Re your worry about hacking - I don't see anything wrong in hacking to meet your plan, but at the same time work with orion team to make sure that all your hacks can be replaced with proper extensions.
Are there any brief concepts of ext.points btw? What about security? Is it possible to e.g. replace Orion JS code with your custom handler? I'm asking because in basic JS you can replace existing functions with your own.
Alternatively, would you be able to propose some extension point pattern and propose to Orion team?

Could you check with Orion team, if they're interested to host your work directly in their code?
If yes, then I imagine we could focus on making one rock-solid feature and a bunch of proof of concept ones, that could be improved later.

How would you like to implement PHP syntax highlighting, or code formatting, or AST tree?
Can you briefly review possible options and propose one particular that would be the best?

I saw you mentioned you're on basic level with JavaScript. I'd highly recommend "JavaScript: The good parts" book to get in speed with this fancy language.



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Subject: Re: [pdt-dev] Question regarding GSoC

Hi Karol,

Let's take a moment and understand some high level user workflows that will use the suggested capabilities:
1) User edits "production" scripts - in this use case a user is notified about a bug in an application that is hosted in a remote server. After logging in to the system, the application resources are presented in an explorer-like view. The user can browse for a specific file and edit the PHP file. Hitting save instantly saves the remote file.
2) Control version viewer - in this scenario, the user is not required to change any code but to view and "analyze" the code. An extended scenario is that the user want to fix and commit a change to the control version. The extended use case is what Google provides in their Google code interface.

I think that scenario #1 is the most challenging one as it requires real editing capabilities, but frankly I also think that scenario #2 is important as a starting point  (especially for a gsoc project).

Also I think that from gsoc point of view it is important to focus on the fundamental services (as opposed to features) that are required by PHP developers. So I would start with considering what services are required in these scenarios and then implement one "cool" example that uses these services. This will enable a set of other important features that will be built on top of it. In specific I would think of a platform that overcomes some of the issues you mentioned like performance vs. intensity of analysis, UI vs. Core, programming paradigm and other questions.

Thanks for sharing this information,
I will be happy to see any progress on this.

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Subject: Re: [pdt-dev] Question regarding GSoC

Hi guys,

I'd like to show you my proposal. It's a draft but most of the things
I wanted to include are there. Any hints and advices are welcome!

PDF: http://gusak.eu/resources/pdf/gsoc2011_proposal_orion_pdt.pdf
TXT: http://gusak.eu/resources/txt/gsoc2011_proposal_orion_pdt.txt


On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 2:12 PM, Karol Gusak <karol@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you for reply Jacek.
> I've checked the Orion source code and I think I know how to integrate
> the features on client side (waiting for reply from orion-dev to make
> sure). But the server side seems much trickier. Ideally I'd like to
> reuse PDT on server side, by writing a layer that accesses some of the
> PDT features and provides interface for client (by RESTful services).
> I'm reading PDT source and wiki right now, but I'm not sure how could
> I reuse parts of PDT. I'm feeling a little lost when it comes to
> Eclipse internals - could you guys recommend some reading and give me
> a little hint?
> If not integrating PDT in any way, syntax coloring could go
> client-side, but I think that other features would need the server
> backend. I have no specific plans here yet though / doing a
> research...
> Regards,
> Karol
> 2011/3/28 Jacek Pospychała <jacek.p@xxxxxxxx>:
>> hi Karol,
>> yes its about adding syntax coloring, validation, content-assist, and similar features for PHP language in Orion. Some of this
>> features are already supported in Orion, so it's just a matter of extending them. But it may turn out that they're not easily extensible.  You may also want to add some features that
>> are not yet supported in Orion. Ideally, we'd like to see student proposing particular list of features, based on what he thinks is most important to the end user and easiest to implement
>> in current Orion state.
>> It's in PDT project just because PDT team invented this idea. There's some more aspects to this: technical, organizational and deployment.
>> Technically this GSOC project doesn't need to be tied in any way to PDT code base, but this will be up to student. Maybe e.g you want to reuse something from PDT...
>> Organizationally, you will be working with both PDT and Orion team. Neither of those teams has resources to investigate this problem currently, but both teams are enthusiastic about idea and wanted to explore it.
>> In terms of deployment, the work result could go either directly to Orion, get released as a plugin, or separate website, or just a bunch of documentation.
>> Implementation will require JavaScript knowledge to at least integrate with Orion client, the rest is up to you. You can develop some sort of backend in Java,
>>  provide complete implementation in JavaScript, use PHP backend, or some other language (Erlang?) if you find it convenient. Maybe there's already some website somewhere that just
>> does what we want and it's only a matter of making Orion use that website logic. I don't know, and am looking for student leadership on this.
>> That's it, I'm not sure if any of my answers were helpful :-) Basically, it's equally a research and development project, where it will be your job to decide on everything.
>> The first part of the job is going to be a proposal that you'll submit in order to get selected for GSOC. Your proposal should probably outline which features you want to implement,
>> how you want to implement those features, and when are you going to finish. Asking more questions on orion-dev and pdt-dev is probably best way to start working on your proposal.
>> Good luck!
>> Jacek
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>> Subject: [pdt-dev] Question regarding GSoC
>> Hi guys,
>> My name is Karol and I'd like to ask you about the "PDT - Orion Web
>> IDE PHP Editor" project listed on the Eclipse GSoC ideas page. Is this
>> project about adding PHP support (syntax coloring etc) to Orion? If
>> so, why it's listed as PDT project? Could you provide more details
>> about the idea? What is the main language of implementation, Java or
>> JavaScript?
>> Thank you in advance.
>> Regards,
>> Karol
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