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Re: [pdt-dev] Question regarding GSoC

hi Karol,

yes its about adding syntax coloring, validation, content-assist, and similar features for PHP language in Orion. Some of this 
features are already supported in Orion, so it's just a matter of extending them. But it may turn out that they're not easily extensible.  You may also want to add some features that
are not yet supported in Orion. Ideally, we'd like to see student proposing particular list of features, based on what he thinks is most important to the end user and easiest to implement
in current Orion state.

It's in PDT project just because PDT team invented this idea. There's some more aspects to this: technical, organizational and deployment.
Technically this GSOC project doesn't need to be tied in any way to PDT code base, but this will be up to student. Maybe e.g you want to reuse something from PDT...
Organizationally, you will be working with both PDT and Orion team. Neither of those teams has resources to investigate this problem currently, but both teams are enthusiastic about idea and wanted to explore it.
In terms of deployment, the work result could go either directly to Orion, get released as a plugin, or separate website, or just a bunch of documentation.

Implementation will require JavaScript knowledge to at least integrate with Orion client, the rest is up to you. You can develop some sort of backend in Java,
 provide complete implementation in JavaScript, use PHP backend, or some other language (Erlang?) if you find it convenient. Maybe there's already some website somewhere that just
does what we want and it's only a matter of making Orion use that website logic. I don't know, and am looking for student leadership on this.

That's it, I'm not sure if any of my answers were helpful :-) Basically, it's equally a research and development project, where it will be your job to decide on everything.
The first part of the job is going to be a proposal that you'll submit in order to get selected for GSOC. Your proposal should probably outline which features you want to implement,
how you want to implement those features, and when are you going to finish. Asking more questions on orion-dev and pdt-dev is probably best way to start working on your proposal.

Good luck!


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Hi guys,

My name is Karol and I'd like to ask you about the "PDT - Orion Web
IDE PHP Editor" project listed on the Eclipse GSoC ideas page. Is this
project about adding PHP support (syntax coloring etc) to Orion? If
so, why it's listed as PDT project? Could you provide more details
about the idea? What is the main language of implementation, Java or

Thank you in advance.

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