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[pdt-dev] about code in GlobalTypesStrategy.getReplacementRange

the code is

    public SourceRange getReplacementRange(ICompletionContext context)
            throws BadLocationException {
        SourceRange replacementRange = super.getReplacementRange(context);
        if (replacementRange.getLength() > 0) {
            return new SourceRange(replacementRange.getOffset(),
                    replacementRange.getLength() - 1);
        return replacementRange;

My question is why override getReplacementRange?

Because I have fixed bug 302073,I want to know if the code here has some relation with bug 302073.

when "Completion Overwrites" is
(Preferences -> PHP -> Editor -> Content Assist)

you have the following php file

 * @author douya
 * @var __PHP_Incomplete_Class
class Test
    public function Test()

$a  = new T|es  //cursor is after "T"

Then you use code assist and then choose Test class,the result is

$a  = new Test()s

and i think it should be

$a  = new Test() //without the last "s"


Best Regards!


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