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[pdt-dev] API Change in PHPSourceParserFactory

Hi all,

i've updated an older PDT Development Project which runs on Eclipse 3.5, and
after updating PDT from cvs i get an compile error in my IBuildParticipant:

public void build(IBuildContext context) throws CoreException {

try {
char[] fileName = context.getFile().getName().toCharArray();
PHPSourceParserFactory parser = new PHPSourceParserFactory();

ModuleDeclaration module = parser.parse(fileName, context.getContents(), new NullProblemReporter());
module.traverse(new CakeASTVisitor(context));
} catch (Exception e) {

The method parse(IModuleSource, IProblemReporter) in the type PHPSourceParserFactory is not applicable for the arguments (char[], char[], NullProblemReporter)

Does anyone know how i can get hands on the IModuleSource to pass to the parse method of the PHPSourceParserFactory ?