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Re: [pdt-dev] installation using new update manage in 3.4 M6

Alon Peled wrote:
Hi James,

We currently don't support Eclipse 3.4 in the updates available on the
update site. The update site contains the 1.0.x versions, and only version
1.1.x is planned to support Eclipse 3.4.

For instructions on how to install on Ganymede for now, you can refer to:
I'll download the 1.1 integration build and use that - I was hoping that it was already integrated into the update manager, but I'm sure that will happen soon.

Please note that this mailing list is intended for development issues. For
usage problems please refer to the PDT newsgroup in the future
Thanks for the gentile nudge. I'll do that. The wiki ( ) only lists the following mailing lists though:

   * pdt-ide-cvs-commit: CVS commit notices
   * pdt-dev: PDT Developers notices
   * pdt-unit-test: PDT Unit test result notices

and I figured that the dev list to be the most appropriate.

Please forgive the ignorence (and for posting this to -dev), but what 'to' address would I use to post to

- James

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