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[pdt-dev] Re: IS 1.1 M1 released?

Cross-posting to the PDT newsgroup for those that don't subscribe to pdt-dev@:

PDT 1.1 M1 was delayed in order to work on 1.0.3 - bug fixing version (I should update the web-site)

If you move the relevant documentation to the wiki, others can contribute / fix typos, and editing is easier! Hint, hint.

We are getting back to work on the PDT 1.1 M1 this week and the first milestone should be around
mid June (the one that is marked as M2 in the work-plans)

Note also that there are two posted schedules for 1.1: (overview)
 and (details)

BTW, the 1.1 plan says that you depend on Eclipse 3.4 and WTP 2.0 -- I believe that should say 3.0?


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