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What is PDT?

The PHP IDE project delivers a PHP Integrated Development Environment framework for the Eclipse platform. This project encompasses the development components necessary to develop PHP-based Web Applications and facilitates extensibility. It leverages the existing Web Tools Project in providing developers with PHP capabilities.

To find out more about us, you should check out:

Project details
Who's involved, project plan, all project resources and more.

PDT Forums and Wiki
Users discussions board, ask and answer questions.

PDT on Github
Latest code, issue reports, feature requests and more.

Developers mailing list
Get in touch with our team.


Syntax Highlighting Syntax Coloring

Content Assist Content Assist

Code Formatter Code Formatter

Refactoring Refactoring

Code Templates Code Templates

Code Navigation Code Navigation

PHP Debugging PHP Debugging

Syntax Validation Syntax Validation

Power of Eclipse Ecosystem Power of Eclipse Ecosystem

Composer Support Composer Support


Eclipse Package for PHP Developers

The essential starting point for PHP developers, including a PHP language support, a Git client, XML Editor and Mylyn, Terminal.

Click on the buttons below to start downloading package for specific OS. You have to install Java in your system.




Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install PHP Development Tools

Update existing Eclipse

In Eclipse, click Help -> Install New Software and work with *:

Eclipse Install&Update Dialog

If you're looking for developer builds, try out **:

All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Software User Agreement unless otherwise specified.

 * - Latest stable:
** - Latest nightly:

Download PDT Zip package

This packages contain PDT p2 repository, which can be used to install PDT in Eclipse without access to



The experience of developing PHP application with PDT can be extended with a large variety of plugins created by the Eclipse ecosystem. Below are open source projects and commercial products that are built on top of PDT or are integrated with PDT.

PDT Extensions group
PDT Extensions group
Open source plugins that extend or integrate with PDT

Code Formatting :: Class Creation :: Getters/Setters Generation :: Semantic Analysis :: CS-Fixer :: PHP Maven :: PHPUnit :: CodeSniffer :: PHPDepend :: MakeGood :: Symfony :: Composer :: Phing :: Yii :: Drupal :: Magento :: Aspect PHP :: JSON :: YAML :: Twig :: Smarty :: CoffeeScript :: Markdown :: reStructuredText :: Gherkin :: Shell Scripts :: Vrapper :: Emmet :: JQuery :: JSHint :: Closure :: ExtJS :: Less :: Eclipse Color Themes :: Log Viewer :: ANSI Console :: Copyright Wizard

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Zend Studio
Zend Studio
The PHP IDE for Smarter Development

Apigility :: Zend Framework :: Symfony :: Doctrine :: Magento :: PHPDocumentor :: PHPUnit :: CodeSniffer :: PHPDepend :: Semantic Analysis :: Advanced Debugging :: Profiling :: Monitoring :: Code Tracing :: Tunneling :: Deployment :: Zend Server :: IBM i :: OpenShift :: Amazon AWS :: VMWare Workstation :: Mobile Development :: AngularJS :: JQuery :: ExtJS :: Prototype :: DBeaver :: Zend Guard

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Zend Guard
Zend Guard
Protect your applications with PHP encoding

Encoding :: Obfuscation :: Software Licensing :: Command Line Tools :: IDE Integration

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PDT is an Open Source project and we welcome everyone who's interested to contribute his or her source code or help project in some other way. Visit our wiki page to learn how to get source code and build it.

Don't hesitate to nurture PDT developers team with your questions and hit our mailing list.

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