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[pdt-dev] Strange Eclipse error: cannot change the .php file size to smaller, cannot cut content

Dear Eclipse developers!

My problem is:

Any version of Eclipse (newest, old 3.2, easyeclipse, AptanaStudio, etc... ) cannot change the PHP's file size to smaller - only to bigger!

my php file 1000 byte and I delete 500 byte and save: I see good the saved file in eclipse... but saved file don't changed... only ?> chars at 500 byte... but other 500 byte unchanged and still 1000 byte the file.

If I add new content to 1000 byte and will 1200 byte = ALL OK. But if I delete content = will 1200 byte again and buggy file from this point...

file is UTF8 but tried with ASCII file too... all same...

Help me! I think it's java or eclipse bug but maybe about java...

Seems like file handle cannot allowed to cut file, only to append content... It's all about java?
If I edit with this file with notepad / any other editor = can cut the file content...


Hardware: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550, 2 GB RAM, SATA, desktop PC

Software: Windows XP SP2 English, IE7, Firefox 2 + 3 beta

but tried with:

And all same...

Last version checked:

So... I can't belive it's common bug becuase no developer can use eclipse by this big bug. What is the solution?

Mr. Hama

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