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Re: Re[4]: [pdt-dev] Problems with Eclipse PDT mirrors

I may have run into the same Copy-Paste bug that Jean was talking about. Either way, I did come across some weird behavior in that area.
I simply copied the text "fields->" (I have not really tried anything else yet however). When I went to paste the first time, the IDE took 2 tabs off the beginning of the line. When I went to paste the third time, the IDE "transported" me to a different section of the code I was working on. I will try to reproduce this bug if I can. This seems to be a fluke more than anything since I copy and paste all the time, and this is the first time it has happened.

I am using PDT version 0.7.0.v20070130


On 3/14/07, Adrian Ziolkowski <az@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:

> OK, but then to install the nightly builds, I do need to
> installmanually, don't I? I cannot do it via Eclipse Update Manager I guess.

Yes, You have to install it manually.

> You did not help on the mirror problems - can anyone else do?

I have this same problem with mirrors.
Maybe because migration form PHP to PDT is not fully completed yet?
I'm not using Update Manager.
Only manual installation works fine for me.

Adrian Ziolkowski

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