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Re: Re[2]: [pdt-dev] Problems with Eclipse PDT mirrors

OK, but then to install the nightly builds, I do need to install manually, don't I? I cannot do it via Eclipse Update Manager I guess.

You did not help on the mirror problems - can anyone else do?


On 3/14/07, Adrian Ziolkowski <az@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I seem to have installed the PDT feature:
> org.eclipse.php_feature_0.7.0.v20070221
> Is this the latest stable version? Updating via the update manager
> does not find something newer... how can I get newer (even if they are not stable) versions?

> I'll report later on the copy&paste problems, once I sorted out these mirrors problems.

Version 0.7.0.v20070221 is the last integration build available for
However You can try nightly builds available on this site:

Version S20070130-RC2 works fine for me.

Adrian Ziolkowski

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