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Re: [pdt-dev] Problems with Eclipse PDT mirrors

Hi there,

I have changed the URL manually like you said. However when I try an update, it says me that the PDT content is available on a mirror. If I select a mirror, I have the same problem (which probably mean that the PDT content is in fact not available on mirrors, even if Eclipse believes it is):

Network connection problems encountered during search.
  Unable to access "".
    Unable to access site: "" [Server returned HTTP response code: "403 Forbidden" for URL:]
    Unable to access site: "" [Server returned HTTP response code: "403 Forbidden" for URL: ]

It is worth noting that selecting the original site does work (or at least it does not produce this error). So how can I tell Eclipse not to use mirrors for PDT (also something that I'd like to do with Eclipse is always select the same mirror: currently it asks me everytime, or if I choose automatic mirror selection, seems to choose at random)?

I seem to have installed the PDT feature:


Is this the latest stable version? Updating via the update manager does not find something newer... how can I get newer (even if they are not stable) versions?

I'll report later on the copy&paste problems, once I sorted out these mirrors problems.


On 3/14/07, Adrian Ziolkowski < az@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I think the location for the PDT download has recently changed
> (going from php/updates to pdt/updates or something like that).

> Any help would be appreciated, as right now my PDT installation is
> extremely unstable (some basic stuff like copy& paste don't work
> correctly when using PDT: I'll make some bug reports) and I'd like
> to update it, but obviously cannot.

You can change update site manually in:

I think, that correct URL for now is:

What kind of problems do You have with copy&paste?

Adrian Ziolkowski

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