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Re: [papyrus-ic] Notes from a Papyrus training workshop

Hi Dimitris,

thanks for the feedback! This is great news!

I just added a one more comments below on top of Francis' comments.

On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 3:57 AM, Francis Bordeleau <francis.bordeleau@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Nov 29, 2016, at 18:31, Dimitris Kolovos <dimitris.kolovos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Today I delivered a 2-hour long Papyrus training workshop to 15-20
engineers from UK industry and I thought I'd summarise some of their
questions/remarks about Papyrus (before I forget), in case any of
these can feed into future discussions/actions:

- They liked the idea of being able to simplify the UI through a
configuration model as demonstrated in [1]. One question was whether
one can switch between the simplified/full UI at runtime (i.e. to
“break-out" of the simplified UI when needed).

The full UML is always available through configuration.

There are two aspects, the Papyrus simplification and the Eclipse UI simplification.

The Papyrus simplification is done with viewpoints and preference configurations. They can be switched at runtime to show/hide additional Palette items, New Child menues, etc., use different property views, etc.
The Eclipse UI simplifications are mostly done using Eclipse Activities/Capabilities. They can also be switched on and off (Preferences -> General -> Capabilities).
If you have more questions on the Papyrus simplifications or diff/merge, please let me know.

Thanks and best wishes,


Dr. Philip Langer

Senior Software Architect / General Manager
EclipseSource Services GmbH

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