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[papyrus-ic] Notes from a Papyrus training workshop

Hi everyone,

Today I delivered a 2-hour long Papyrus training workshop to 15-20
engineers from UK industry and I thought I'd summarise some of their
questions/remarks about Papyrus (before I forget), in case any of
these can feed into future discussions/actions:

- They liked the idea of being able to simplify the UI through a
configuration model as demonstrated in [1]. One question was whether
one can switch between the simplified/full UI at runtime (i.e. to
"break-out" of the simplified UI when needed).

- There was a question about who are the main contributors to the
development of Papyrus

- Another question was whether Papyrus supports any import interfaces
from other tools? (Developing such "import" facilities is an
unrewarding task for researchers so we may want to pool resources

- They liked the idea of being able to split models across multiple
projects/files as many of them are struggling with large monolithic
models stored in proprietary tool-specific repositories

- They also liked the idea of being able to use Git to version control
models - especially after I demonstrated EMFCompare. They didn't seem
to be too bothered that there's no built-in support for "live"
collaboration (I was prepared to talk to them about the Papyrus-CDO
integration but I saw little demand for a model repository)

- There was a question about if/how Papyrus can interface to Simulink
(I had to take this one offline as I have no idea)

- One of the attendees asked if/how UML model elements in Papyrus can
be linked to elements from domain-specific (EMF) models (also had to
take this offline)

- There was a question about model execution capabilities to which I
responded by pointing the person that asked towards Moka

- All in all, there was overwhelming support for continuing to
evaluate Papyrus and we'll run a second Q&A workshop after Christmas



Dr Dimitris Kolovos
Senior Lecturer in Enterprise Systems
Director of the Large-Scale Complex IT Systems Engineering Doctorate
Department of Computer Science
University of York


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