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[paho-dev] Client Publications rejected / QoS error

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to implement a MQTT-client based on the embedded variant of Paho. This is what my code looks like (pseudocode of the relevant parts):

   struct mqtt_inst_data   *instData;
   MQTTPacket_connectData   data="">
   MQTTString               topic=MQTTString_initializer;

   -> open TCP/IP connection here

   len = MQTTSerialize_connect(buf,MAX_BUFLEN,&data); /* 1 */



   len+=MQTTSerialize_publish(buf+len,MAX_BUFLEN-len,0,3,0,0,topic,(unsigned char*)payload,payloadlen); /* 2 */
   len+=MQTTSerialize_disconnect(buf+len,MAX_BUFLEN-len); /* 3 */

   -> send data "buf" with length "len" here
   -> close TCP/IP connection

After doing this Mosquitto debug output comes with following error messages:

1538382438: New connection from on port 1883.
1538382446: New client connected from as C85B76DF5FF6 (c1, k60).
1538382446: No will message specified.
1538382446: Sending CONNACK to C85B76DF5FF6 (0, 0)
1538382446: Invalid QoS in PUBLISH from C85B76DF5FF6, disconnecting.
1538382446: Socket error on client C85B76DF5FF6, disconnecting.

Where/how do I have to set this QoS stuff exactly? MQTTPacket_connectData has a sub-structure MQTTPacket_willOptions which itself contains a member "qos" - but what do I have to do with this structure exactly? Or is this error caused by some other problem?



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