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Re: [paho-dev] A request for committer status on components

Hi Frank,

I hadn't forgotten the Rust client entirely! 

1) as Paho is at version >1.0, then I don't think the Rust client should be part of the Paho release until it's also at 1.0 or above.  You're welcome to have a 0.x release on its own at any time if you like.  If it's ready at 1.0 for June, then great, but I don't want you to have to rush too much.

2) As the C client MQTT V5 support is not yet ready and won't be for another few weeks, I'm not expecting that you get the C++ (or Rust) MQTT V5 support in for June, due to the time.  If you do, then great, but again I thought it might be better not to rush.  In that case, the C++ and Rust V5 support (along with Python, _javascript_) could be in a Paho release later in the year (Oct/Nov).


On 23/04/2018 17:31, Frank Pagliughi wrote:
Hello Ian and all,

Don't forget there's a pre-release *Rust* client available!  It's not getting crazy traffic yet, but there's some use, and I hope it will increase. I'm starting to use Rust for my own IoT work, and have been pretty happy with it.

The Rust library currently wraps the existing Paho C release, supporting MQTT v3.1.1. I have a few minor build issues to address, but it is fairly stable. I may call this the v1.0 release, because I will likely not have time to do an upgrade to MQTT 5 before June.


As for the C++ client, I'm behind schedule, but there has been a fair amount of activity in the last few weeks on the develop branch, although most is bug fixing and updates to the Build system.

My plan for the C++ library is to:
(1) Get a bug-fix release out ASAP (v.1.0.1) based on the latest Paho C v1.2.1
(2) Get the updates out to support MQTT v5 for the June release


On 04/23/2018 12:10 PM, Ian Craggs wrote:

Hi All,

I'd like to get an idea of where everyone is on the support and plans for the components for which they are the committer.  You can post on the mailing list or send me a direct email whichever you prefer.    James and I are working on MQTT V5 support for the Java and C clients, which we hope to release in June.  Then we hope to add further V5 implementations later in the year.

I'm thinking of setting up regular calls for the Paho project again, say once a month, so we can have discussions in "person".  They'll be video calls this time round, as even within IBM video is now becoming the norm, and I prefer it to just voice.

I've collected some stats together. 

Component Open issues/Closed issues
Open/Closed PRs
Latest commit
C client
19th April 2018
Embedded C client 16/64
5th March 2018
Java client
17th April 2018
Android client
4th October 2017
Python client
9th October 2017
_javascript_ client 37/75
16th October 2017
23rd March 2018
24th March 2018
C# client (M2mqtt)
21st October 2016
C++ client
23rd July 2017
MQTT-SN embedded client 1/42
21st March 2018
MQTT-SN transparent gateway
21st March 2018
Test utilities
9/29 (MQTTV5 features)
18th April 2018

I'll wait to get responses, before voicing/writing my thoughts :-) 

Ian Craggs
icraggs@xxxxxxxxxx                 IBM United Kingdom
Eclipse Paho Project Lead & Mosquitto Committer

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Ian Craggs
icraggs@xxxxxxxxxx                 IBM United Kingdom
Eclipse Paho Project Lead & Mosquitto Committer

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