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[paho-dev] RSMB - will messages

Does RSMB fully support MQTTSN will messages?
RSMB will request a willmsg and willtopic if I set the will flag in a connect message however I find my will message is never sent if my node goes offline.

Also I found a bug in the embedded C MQTTSN library which stops you from receiving MQTTS_WILLMSGREQ and MQTTS_WILLTOPICREQ messages as they are only two bytes long. (see below for the one line fix)



diff --git a/src/MQTTSNPacket.c b/src/MQTTSNPacket.c
index 4f98b6a..944d716 100644
--- a/src/MQTTSNPacket.c
+++ b/src/MQTTSNPacket.c
@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@ int MQTTSNstrlen(MQTTSNString MQTTSNString)
int MQTTSNPacket_read(unsigned char* buf, int buflen, int (*getfn)(unsigned char*, int))
-    const int MQTTSN_MIN_PACKET_LENGTH = 3;
+    const int MQTTSN_MIN_PACKET_LENGTH = 2;
int len = 0; /* the length of the whole packet including length field */
     int lenlen = 0;
     int datalen = 0;

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