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[paho-dev] Building Java ME Client



I gave it a new try to build/compile the Java ME client. I’m starting with the code “AS-IS” and see where I arrive and then I can adapt the code to work with Java ME 3.4.


To build (only) the Java ME client I suppose I have to do this from within the C:\Projects\\org.eclipse.paho.jmeclient\org.eclipse.paho.jmeclient.mqttv3 directory by running ‘ant compile’? In a first attempt I only adapted the build file by changing “<fileset dir="c:/Java_ME_platform_SDK_3.4/lib">”

If I compile it like this I get first of all a lot of errors type  “error: cannot find symbol [javac] import xxx;” besides some other errors. I would like first try to pass the compilation avoiding these error messages and then try to solve the others that are more code errors. Are these errors due to CLASSPATH  missing?






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