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Re: [paho-dev] Embedded MQTT C Client


Copy the MQTTClient.c/h and MQTTCC3200.c/h files to wherever is suitable for the app you're working on. You only need to import the MQTTClient.h, but you have to edit MQTTClient.h to #include the platform specific implementation it is to use. Currently there is only the CC3200 code, so add a #import "MQTTCC3200.h" to the end of the #includes in MQTTClient.h I realise that there is a distinct lack of documentation/samples for the C specific embedded client, I'll try and get something up asap. In the mean time please ask any other questions here and I'll do what I can to help.


On 22/09/14 14:56, Guy Dillen wrote:

I mentioned the embedded C implementation has a specific C (and even
more specific) CC3200 implementation.
I’m confused as what sources to use; in the example form Benjamin Cabé
all source code under MQTTPacket was imported in the CC3200
microcontroller project. Should I still import these sources or only the
sources under
org.eclipse.paho.mqtt.embedded-c-master -> MQTTClient-C -> cc3200 ->
MQTTCC3200.c and MQTTCC3200.h?


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