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Re: [paho-dev] Using GitHub for Paho components

On 29/08/2014 8:03 AM, Benjamin Cabé wrote:
- Would a github hosted component be able to use the github issue
>tracker rather than bugzilla?  That is, could a github hosted component
>of Paho work in an entirely github way?
Yup, but I would suggest that maybe you keep having Bugzilla components
too for these projects, to make it easier for people used to Bugzilla..?

It is currently our policy that all Eclipse projects _must_ use Bugzilla. GitHib Issues is currently not an option.

This is something we are working to change, but that is the status quo.

As always, emo@xxxxxxxxxxx is the one-stop shop for all your development process questions :)

Mike Milinkovich
+1.613.220.3223 (mobile)

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