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Re: [paho-dev] Using GitHub for Paho components

I have cc Wayne Beaton since he might have an opinion of host part of a
project at github and part at eclipse.  I am pretty sure the github
components would need to use bugzilla and follow our IP process.

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>Subject: [paho-dev] Using GitHub for Paho components
>I had a conversation with Nick Humfrey a week or two back about the
>possibility of contributing his Ruby MQTT client to Paho.  His code is
>hosted in github, and moving to Eclipse git, gerrit and bugzilla is
something of
>a deterrent to him.
>I notice that some Eclipse projects are entirely hosted at github. It
struck me
>that being able to use github as the repository for Paho components that
>wanted to use it could encourage more contributions.
>- Could we have some Paho git repos at Eclipse and some on github?
>- Would a github hosted component be able to use the github issue tracker
>rather than bugzilla?  That is, could a github hosted component of Paho
>in an entirely github way?
>I realize I might have to address these questions to a different mailing
list :-)
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